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4 supplements to buy before traveling abroad


Supplements are a must if you are traveling overseas this summer. While abroad, it may be hard to find foods and products that are easily accessible in the U.S. Pack for success by slipping these six supplements into your carry-on luggage.

1. Vitamin D

If you are used to basking in the sun for your dose of vitamin D, you might find yourself in a conundrum if you visit a cloudy place like London. Do not miss out on these essential nutrients on account of the weather.

Visiting a big city can mean less vitamin D.

According to the Vitamin D Council, supplements are a great way to get vitamin D if you can not get enough sun. The amount of vitamin D you should get on a daily basis depends on your skin type, diet and sun exposure. For example, someone living in Boston during the summer should either get an hour's worth of sun or take 1,000 IUs of vitamin D.

2. Vitamin C

The body needs vitamin C but does not produce it naturally like it does other nutrients. As stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the vitamin is essential for the growth and repair of body tissues. It heals wounds and keeps bones and teeth strong.

At home, a vitamin C deficiency is rare because there are plenty of opportunities to buy vitamin C-loaded fruits and veggies. However, it can be tricky to get enough vitamin C abroad, especially in a remote area that does not have nearby grocery stores and markets.

3. Omega-3

If someone in your family has high blood pressure or is at an elevated risk for a heart attack, omega-3 is a great supplement to take with you on vacation. The Mayo Clinic explained that the supplement offers a wide-range of benefits, which is why it is so important to take it consistently.

A well-balanced diet is the crux of a healthy body.

Incorporate omega-3 pills into your family's diet when you are visiting a foreign country to keep up with the recommended daily intake. A well-balanced diet is the crux of a healthy body.

4. Probiotics

According to The Healthy home Economist wellness blog explained that popping a probiotic occasionally while overseas can potentially keep any gastrointestinal troubles at bay. Between an unfamiliar diet and uncharted territory, you will need a little assistance to stay healthy. Probiotics boost immunity by keeping the healthy bacteria in your body flowing.




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