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Can eating chocolate make you healthier?


Would it not be nice if eating your favorite food, such as chocolate, could actually make you healthier? Perhaps it can. Some health experts have indicated that consuming dark chocolate is associated with a number of health benefits, however, consumers must be careful to not eat the wrong varieties because they can actually backfire. Drinking too much chocolate milk can not only make you break out but it can cause you to put on unwanted weight, which is linked to many consequences, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Incorporate the right amount of dark chocolate into your diet if you would like to boost overall health.

Does every candy count?

Skip the additives and go straight for the candy bars that are rich in antioxidant flavonoids. According to WebMD, they are the root of health benefits. The source went on to explain that cacao, the plant that chocolate comes from, is plentiful of flavanol​, but not all candy is created equally. Some options have more than others. 

Since most people do not even know how to begin looking for this information, WebMD suggested an easy way to locate it - simply seek out the nonfat cocoa solids, the seeds of the cacao tree. A higher number of these typically means a better source of antioxidants.

That being said, it is also your duty to filter through the candy aisle to find this source of nutritional value but to also sort out the options and be sure to not purchase any items that are heavy in "milk fat" or "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" because they can do more harm than good, suggested WebMD. Steer clear of chocolates that have fat ingredients other than cocoa butter. 

Chocolate and hearts

If you are able to abide by these two loose guidelines, you can potentially see benefits from eating chocolate. Women's Health Magazine pointed out a study that linked the sweet stuff to heart health. Swedish researchers gave two servings of chocolate to some of the 31,000 female participants per week. They learned that those who consumed the chocolate reduced their risk of heart failure by nearly a third. 

Slim down, sharpen up

The magazine then went over the results of a separate study to explain that chocolate can help people lose weight. In this case, the researchers were from the University of Copenhagen. They concluded that dark chocolate can help people stick to their diets because it was filling.

It also does not make people crave sweet and salty foods as much as milk or white chocolate does. Women's Health concluded that this can help people maintain their diet goals. In addition to your heart and waistline, Fit Day reported that chocolate is good for your mind because it increases the blood flow to the brain. What is more, it can also enhance your mood and cognitive health.

Pair chocolate with exercise

It is important to note that although the health benefits of chocolate consumption can be abundant, they by no means supplement diet and exercise. If you would like to eat dark chocolate to stay in shape and reduce the risk of disease, it is vital to continue to follow your fitness plan.

The American Heart Association stated that people of all ages can reduce the risk of heart disease by making smart life choices. Eat foods that can decrease your risk of a heart attack and also incorporate plenty of fruits, veggies and fiber-rich whole grains and fish into your diet. People who have a hard time getting enough nutrients from their meals should consider an omega-3 or vitamin D supplement. 

Chocolate can be beneficial to your health in a number of ways but you still have to work out and maintain a healthy diet to see the advantages. 


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