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Advanced Probiotic XI 30 Billion CFU

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May support digestive & immune health


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  • Mason Natural’s Advanced Probiotic XI with 30 Billion CFUs and 11 Probiotic strains is a once a day veggie capsule which requires no refrigeration, making it one of the best probiotics to help support your digestive and immune system.
  • Advanced Probiotic XL contains 18 Billion CFU Bifido Probiotic Culture strains and it contains 12 Billion CFU Lacto Probiotic strains, it may help support the absorption of nutrients in the GI tract and may help maintain the proper intestinal pH balance necessary for proper digestion. It is guaranteed no added yeast, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soybeans. It is soy free. This product contains corn.
  • Advanced Probiotic XI with 11 key strains (4 Bifidobacterium and 7 Lactobacillus) to help support digestion and immunity. Once a day veggie capsule requires no refrigeration and CFU count is guaranteed through the shelf life of the product. A higher number of strains is important to help support the absorption of nutrients which may assist your body’s natural immune system, and help maintain a proper pH balance.


Probiotics help the GI tract, the urinary tract, and the immune system, among other systems. Probiotics populate the GI tract by the trillions, where they help digest complex carbs, free up valuable nutrients, may help assist your body’s natural immune system, and help maintain a proper pH balance. They directly compete with harmful bacteria for dominance in the intestines, which helps provide a barrier of resistance in one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. They’re also helpful in creating immune antibodies, which help alert immune cells to the presence of pathogens. and after all that help, probiotics even help to take out the garbage, meaning they help support waste elimination in the colon.


Adults - Take one capsule daily, preferably with food, as a dietary supplement.

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