Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Body Cream Snip-Off Caps

Repairs, soothes & protects skin for a radiant look


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A rich formula made with luxurious ingredients that provide multiple skin benefits. Aloe Vera is a unique plant species traditionally used for skin irritation, burns, and superficial wounds that combined with Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties is a great body cream to promote a radiant look.


  • Aloe vera and vitamin E are both known for their smoothing & moisturizing properties. This all-natural cream in individual snip-off capsules may leave your skin looking smoother & softer. This soothing cream is good for scars & sunburns.
  • Bring out the beauty of your skin, hair and nails with our creams, hydrating oils and other beauty supplements. Skin health and a healthy appearance may be related & may be important to overall wellness.
  • Support Wellness: Explore our full catalog of products including collagen, probiotics, melatonin, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, antioxidants, zinc, ginger and calcium.
  • Many essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are missing from our modern diets. Taking quality, daily dietary supplements can help support your body's general health, wellness and development.


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