Optimal Absorption Turmeric with Bioperine®

May support a healthy inflammation response and joint health


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Turmeric is a popular medicinal herb because of its far-reaching benefits that may include heart, joint and overall cellular health. That’s because turmeric contains a powerful group of plant chemicals known as curcuminoids. The best turmeric supplements generally contain a standardized extract of curcuminoids. Curcuminoids act as potent antioxidants that may help to neutralize free radical toxins in both water and fat-soluble forms. While turmeric has been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years, it is largely absent in the Western diet. Bioperine®, a form of black pepper extract, is a high level antioxidant that may assist in reducing free radical damage in cells also. The dual action formula of Turmeric and Bioperine will provide potent dose of anti inflammatory effects, perfect for supporting optimal health and wellness.


  • TRIPLE ACTION: Our daily capsules contain 225 mg of Turmeric concentrate, 100 mg of Turmeric extract and 5 mg of Bioperine which all contribute to a healthy inflammatory response and improved joint health.
  • POTENT ANTIOXIDANT: Inflammation is a leading cause of pain and discomfort. With our specialty formula, you will experience the strong, anti inflammatory effects from turmeric and bioperene, which may improve overall health.
  • OPTIMAL ABSORPTION: Our formula contains both turmeric concentrate and extract for enhanced absorption and a healthy inflammatory response. With added Bioperine, you can expect improved curcumin absorption which leads to improved heart, joint and overall cellular health.
  • NO BAD STUFF: Soy Free. Guaranteed no added Milk, Soy, Peanuts, Shellfish, Fish, Tree Nuts, Egg, Wheat.
  • THE BEST VITAMINS FOR OVER 50 YEARS: For more than five decades, Mason Natural has produced quality vitamin supplements under cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and adhering to US guidelines. All ingredients and finished goods are subjected to rigorous analytical testing, inspections and quality auditing.


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